Dealing With Overload

With sexy new apps, online marketing tools and social networks popping up every single day, how do you cut through the chaos and determine what’s best for your business? You only have so many hours in the day … what should you be spending your time on?

In this video I share a simple strategy used by some of the most successful CEOs and business owners both inside and outside the real estate industry (including Steve Jobs).

Using this basic but essential strategy will make you more effective, more efficient, and you’ll also find that your stress level drops like a rock (not a bad added bonus, right?).

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Dealing With Overload

Agents are feeling more and more overwhelmed by everything they feel like they have to do to keep their business up and running and to market their business. They’re told by one person that they need to be using this app, or this tool, or this resource, or this website, and it feels like we just can’t keep up with everything because there’s more and more stuff that always seems to be piling on to an already busy, already overloaded schedule. So how do we deal with it? Do we need to keep up with all these things?

What Are Your Priorities?

What most agents don’t understand is that they could be doing all of these other things but not do them effectively, or they could focus on two things and be effective. I’ve learned that I can only do two things at any given point in time effectively. We all tend to think that we’re hardwired to multitask- unless you’re a guy; guys tend to not think that way. But a lot of females do think that they can multitask, and what we’ve found from more and more studies that have been released on how the brain operates, is that we are actually hardwired NOT to multitask. We’re hardwired to be lazer-focused on activities. That’s where we find our most effective productivity.

So what does this mean to you? You must take all of these ideas and all of these things that you’re hearing, and be able to filter it down and say, “You know what? While they may be good things, they’re not great things for my business. I want to be NOT an inch deep and a mile wide, I want to be lazer-focused on a few things, and do a few things exceedingly well, and be ok with the things that I don’t do.”

Steve Jobs Story

Steve Jobs (after he was once let go from Apple) came back to take over again. One of the things he found is that they had over 350 product lines that they were working with. When he came back he noticed that this was a terrible method, because they were mediocre at a lot of things. So he took it down from 350 product lines, ALL the way down to 10, and he said , “We’re gonna do 10 things exceedingly well .”

It’s what catapulted Apple to the top of the technology innovative channel; one of the most innovative technology companies. And what he said at the end of his life is he said, “I’m just as proud of the 10,000 things we didn’t do, as the 10 things we did REALLY REALLY well.”  Because he learned that to say no to 10,000 things is what true innovation is all about.


Go back , look at your business, look at your marketing, look at everything that you’re doing and say, “Wait a minute. Is this making me better and more effective? Or is this making things more complex and more challenging for me to keep my business going?” And if it’s making it more complicated remove it. Become lazer-focused.