That’s Not Your Job

So you read yesterday’s post That’s Not My Job and thought to yourself, “I never say that.”

Cool. But how many of us will turn right around and tell someone else that something they’re doing is not their job?

We tend to get territorial about our work or our responsibilities. Why? Are we afraid of getting out-shined? Are we afraid someone may take the credit for something we do?

Sidebar: some of the whiniest, most territorial people are software developers. They HATE when people get involved in “their” code or change “their” design. I’m not saying all developers are like that. Just that programming has a disproportionate amount of prima donnas to other industries. I should know, I was one.

Sorry, back to the post.

Anytime I hear the words, “That’s not his job,” or “That’s not your job,” it’s a clear signal that is is somone who’s insecure about their work.

  • Secure people work in groups.
  • Secure people know that input from others is valuable and ultimately helps them grow.
  • Secure people are not afraid of being out performed, because they know it’s not a zero sum game.

There is always room for more than one person to succeed.

Questions: Are you territorial and insecure? Do you ever tell people that what they’re doing is not “their job”? What’s your response to people who say that to you?