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Find Work You Love: An Interview With Dan Miller

On Saturday, some friends and I risked failure, defeat and humiliation in an attempt to pull off a live, news-style broadcast over UStream at the PodCamp Nashville 2011 event.

In the process, we made a ton of mistakes, failed miserably (and embarrassingly) at times and still managed to do something that had never been done at a PodCamp or BarCamp anywhere before (at least to our knowledge). We pulled off our show and raised the bar. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll share the interviews with you along with a video detailing more of the behind-the-scenes stuff you don’t know about.

Dan Miller – Best Selling Author & Career Coach

The first interview I want to share with you was with best-selling author and career Dan Miller. Dan has written two incredible books called 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Dreaded Mondays. If you hate your job or you need a job, go pick up 48 Days to the Work You Love right now.

Dan also has one of the most successful business podcasts on iTunes which you can get to here. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dan a couple of times and he happened to be milling around PodCamp Nashville on Saturday when Justin Davis ran into him. Not sure of how long he’d be there, I asked him if he would be willing to let me interview him.

Dan graciously accepted my request and I had the honor of interviewing a person I great respect. My sincerest “Thank You” to Dan.

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