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The Millennial Revolution Update

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The quick-and-dirty elevator pitch:
The Millennial Revolution contains insights from Millennials about what it takes to attract, manage, and retain the best and brightest of our generation. Plus there’s an MP3 of me presenting this information to a room full of executives and business owners.

From the back cover:
The Millennial Revolution is happening whether leaders within organizations choose to acknowledge it or not. In this book, you will learn three things that every organization must do if they wish to attract, hire, and retain the best workers of the Millennial generation.

  • Discover why the prevailing management theory is driving away Millennials and what your organization can do to combat the exodus.
  • Find out why the traditional methods of motivation are not working. Then, learn about inexpensive and zero-cost alternatives to motivate Millennials.
  • Uncover secrets to creating a company culture that works for all employees – not just Millennials. Also, find out why you should get rid of your current mission statement and vision statement.

On top of all this, you’ll get a list of resources including books, blogs and organizations dedicated to helping leaders and companies make the transition for a new generation of workers.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!! (Sorry…I had to do it.)

You’ll get to hear from Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Boomers on The Millennial Revolution.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! (Okay, I’m done.)

You’ll also get the 25 minute MP3 of our my presentation to business leaders and executives.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and support. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this version as well. If you have any problems getting the updated version, send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll help you out.

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Jeff Goins Reply

Just downloaded it. Looking forward to it!

gold coast montessori Reply

Nothing could be further from the American experience than Egypt’s multi-millennial suffocating cultural legacy/burden. To further muddle the context for confused Americans, the world has moved to instantaneous electronic transmissions. …

Kevin Hodak Reply

I found time this week to read The Millennial Revolution and am so glad that I did. As someone who is a slightly older Millennial, I’ve seen first-hand many of the things that Travis talks about but I haven’t been able to pull it all together so clearly.

From what I’ve seen over the last few years, business leaders are quickly grasping the impact of newer technologies, but are much slower to understand that the type of people who grew up and are growing up with these same technologies are different from older employees. Not necessarily better or worse, but definitely different.

Going forward, I would love for Travis to expand on two points from the book:

1) The customer service section – He’s definitely on the right track here and I would like to see more on balancing the freedom to delight customers with seemingly never-ending phone queues. It’s a wonderful experience for the immediate customer, but not so wonderful for those with expanded wait times.

2) The quote from Philip on championing his work, just not 9-5 – I fall firmly into this category. I work hard and produce results because that’s how I roll, not because I clock in at 9am. However, not everyone is wired this way and, similar to the customer service point, it’s a fine line between offering flexibility and allowing connected Millennials to find everything in the world else to do besides work.

Thanks again, Travis, for sharing this with the world. It’s important stuff!

Best regards,


    Travis Robertson Reply


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your review and your ideas about areas that need to be expanded. I agree with both of your points and think my treatment of those two areas (while high-level) leaves the readers feeling like, “Sure, that’s great and I agree, but how do we do this?”

    I’ll write further on both of those areas on the blog and may even expand the ebook to include a more practical set of ideas about what this looks like – primarily as it relates to your second point. You’re absolutely right that not everyone feels the same way that rockstars like you and Phillip. I have some methods for addressing this problem. They’re practical and they work.

    Again, thank you for your fantastic review and ideas!


Sean Moore Reply

Outstanding! I’ve been tweeting about this mini-book all day. Great job. This information needs to be shared and people really need to start paying attention to the change that IS happening. Business will not be the same in 5 years from now. I was born at the very, very tail end of 1976 and I’ve worked in the “traditional” corporate environment (did it for about 10 years). I’m currently self employed and have also been the owner of a small corporation. I definitely identify with the Millennials and consider myself to be one. It’s always amazed me how a lot of older people are stuck in the old ways. It amazes me even more now because the change is becoming more and more apparent every day. I truly believe that businesses will suffer and eventually fail if they don’t begin changing and keep up with the “brave new world” that is taking shape around us.

Thanks so much for this great book. I’m going to write a brief blog post about it tomorrow to help spread the word. I really, really think people need to read this and begin making changes for their success and the sanity and well being of the Millennials.

Kind regards,


    Travis Robertson Reply

    Sean, you’re awesome! My deepest thanks. And thanks for sharing this with your friends. When you do write the review, let me know and we’ll get it linked up here. I’m going to create a list of reviews at the bottom of the post that links to other’s sites. I would love to include your review.

    Thankfully, the dates of 1977-1995 aren’t hard and fast. I’ve met Millennials who think more like Boomers and Boomers who think more like Millennials. Same goes for Xers like yourself. It’s a midset more than anything. 🙂

    I love that you’ve started your own company and that you’re building it on different principles than those you worked in for so many years. That takes courage and boldness – let me know if I can help in any way.

    Again, I can’t than you enough!


Eric Stanwood Reply

I finally found the time to read The Millennial Revolution and so disappointed it took me so long! I’m looking forward to using the ideas to possibly start something up in the future. Funny, right? If we’re not treated right from above, we’ll up and leave. Sounds about right to me! Thanks again!

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Thank you so much, Eric! I would love to hear how you use the ideas from the book. If you need any help, let me know – I’d be glad to do whatever I can.

    Thanks again!

AgentSteph77 Reply

Travis, would you recommend that I mention your book to the Zeitlin crowd before or after our fall retreat?

    Travis Robertson Reply

    Hi Stephanie! Yes. Feel free to give out the following URL: whenever you’re ready. The content will be VERY different for the retreat so there’s no concern of spoiling anything for them. 🙂 Thanks for checking though!

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