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3 Secrets to Explosive Growth

Real estate coach and trainer, Travis Robertson, shares 3 essential strategies to grow your real estate business by up to 200 percent so that you can have a business that supports your life instead of running it.

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Providing Value After the Sale | Part 2

Do you want more repeat and referral business? Of course you do! At the same time, providing post-sale value to our clients is one the most challenging aspects of our businesses. Why is that? Because there’s no immediate benefit, right? Yet we all want those coveted repeat and referral clients. In the second part of […]

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Death of Feast-or-Famine Marketing

Many agents are struggling to build predictable and consistent businesses. One of the reasons is because they use the Feast-or-Famine marketing plan. Business is good–marketing tanks. Business is slow–marketing gets kicked back into gear. Because real estate is a 3-6 month business (meaning what we do NOW impacts our business 3-6 months from now), FoF […]

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The Power of the Mailbox – Part 2

On the heals of a hand-written note I sent to an individual that was instrumental in a recent event I spoke at, this happened. THIS is the power of the mailbox my friends. If you didn’t get a chance to view the previous video that laid out “The Power of the Mailbox” you can check […]

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Please Nuke the Menu of Services

When your business is first getting started, selecting your services and setting your pricing can be overwhelming and frustrating for business owners. It helps to understand why you can feel this way and what to do about it.

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In Sales, Focus on Feelings Not Facts

Almost every purchase we make (personally and in business) is an emotional decision. I know that you don’t make emotional purchasing decisions – only rational ones based on fact. That’s why you’ve never experience buyer’s remorse, right? Understanding that your customers’ decision to purchase your product or service is an emotional one can enable you to grow your business substantially.

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Two Skills Everyone Needs But Very Few Possess

Do you want to be successful? I’m not referring to money. I’m talking about getting from where you are to where you want to be – starting that business, getting a promotion, landing a new client, creating a new product line, etc. I believe there are two skills you need.

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