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3 Facts Most Agents Don’t Know About Millennials

A few days ago, Prudential Real Estate released the results of a survey they did on home ownership. If you’ve been following along, these results parallel with what I’ve been sharing with you over the last couple of years. The next housing boom will, in large part be driven by the Millennial Generation. Between the Millennial Generation (~84 million in size) and Generation X (~40 million in size), you have nearly 124 million people who may be making serious moves in real estate in the coming years in the US.

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Female Millennials Are Really Smart. Man-Boy Dumb.

I hated school with a passion. It took everything my parents had in them to keep me from dropping out of high school and taking the GED exam. I was 18 at the time and realized a few years earlier that everything I was required to learn was an absolute waste of my time. Biology? […]

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Do Millennials Believe They Can’t Learn From Boomers? The Surprising Truth

Late last week, I received an email from my friend Bobbi Howe. She’s a real estate agent in Saint Joseph, MO, and one of the coolest people I’ve never met in real life. I was introduced to her thanks to my friend Brian Copeland and a webinar I did early in February for the Council of Residential Specialists on The Millennial Revolution.

Bobbi recently moderated a panel called Bridging the Gap (Gen X/Y) at a big event called Sell-a-bration. After the session was over, a gentleman in his 60’s approached her and recounted a story of a female Millennial in his company who told him, “I can learn everything I need to off the internet and you cannot teach me anything.”

Bobbi was curious if I had any resources or research on this seeming arrogance. Given that I hear stories like this so frequently, I thought I’d share with you the same things I shared with her.

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Is Our Management System a Dead Man Walking?

Management as we know it is a dead man walking. I believe the future of management isn’t even management as we have it defined today – a type of command-and-control centralization of power and information.

I’ve written on the difference between leadership and management before and was met with a dichotomy of viewpoints – some heartily agreed while others adamantly disapproved with my characterizations of the two styles.

But, the truth is, management is broken. It’s a system designed for a world that no longer exists except in the management books of yesteryear. Don’t get me wrong. Management worked quite successfully for hundreds of years when the bulk of our economy and industry centered around the manufacturing and distribution of product. However, that world no longer exists – at least in the United States (which is where most of my readers reside).

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Why You Should Care What Millennials Want

I’ve been speaking a lot lately on Millennials and have an increasing number of engagements lining up for this year which I’m looking forward to.

However, in every audience exists a batch of people who wonder why they should care what Millennials want, think or feel. It’s a fair question that deserves a straight answer.

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