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Less Talk. More Work.

Do you want to know what one of my least favorite beginnings to a sentence is?

“I’m going to…”

Those three words tend to say a lot about a person in that moment.

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5 Ingredients for Successful Accountability

As someone who’s self-employed, you’ll inevitably face bouts of crappy productivity and you’ll feel like banging your head against a wall. In my own life, those times generally occur when I let others set my priorities for me. So I took some advice and contacted a friend of mine (Justin Davis) who lives in the area and asked if he wanted to meet every Monday for coffee to set goals, challenge each other and provide a level of business accountability. Here’s how we make it succeed.

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Laid Off – A Reader’s Story

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with – and ultimately becoming friends with – Amber Lancour. We worked together at a company in Los Angeles and have kept in touch through email and through this blog and – a now defunct website I started with my brother (Amber’s had the craziest roomies).

Last week, Amber sent me an email with some kind words of encouragement about this blog along with her personal story about getting laid off and the forced transition to being self-employed. Read that letter here.

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The Gap – Part 3 – The Persistence Gap

In the final part of The Gap Series, I want to tackle how your will plays into the existence of the chasm between where you are and where you want to be. We’ve already discussed your heart (passion) and your mind (beliefs). Now I’ll let you in on the major thing you need to close the gap: persistence.

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The Gap – Part 2 – “The Fantasy of Passion”

In my last post, I alluded to what I called “The Fantasy of Passion” – which is the ridiculous notion that if you’re doing work you love, you’ll always love it. In this post, I want to take the Fantasy of Passion and replace it with the Reality of Passion in the hopes that by doing so, you’ll be better prepared to appreciate the path you’re on (or will be on soon).

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The Gap – Part 1

I’ve begun to see a pattern in the questions I receive via email or in conversations and I’ve realized something: There’s a large and often frightening gap between where most people are and where they want to be, but they’re not sure how to close it.

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You Better Love It

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a few entrepreneurs lately and something keeps coming up – building a business to sell it. I’ve got nothing against selling a business. But building a business with the sole purpose of selling it is a great way to ensure that it realistically never happens.

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The War of Art and Entrepreneurship

In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield tackles the constant battle that rages inside of artists. Art, according to Pressfield, is war. So is trying to start a business. Have you ever considered the similarities between artists and entrepreneurs?

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