Turn Twitter’s Follow Friday Into Blog Traffic

First, I’d like to apologize to Chris Brogan for stealing his blog title. It was purely intentional. 🙂

His post today was about using Twitter’s “Follow Friday” to drive traffic to your blog as well as it’s typical use which is introducing people who follow you to others they should follow. You can read his post here if you’re interested.

Here’s what he wrote in a nutshell:

It solves two problems: It gives you more than 140 to talk about the people you recommend, and it also cleans up Twitter so that we don’t watch a stream of @someoneawesome names rushing by all day.

So here’s my list for today of people who you ought to be following on Twitter. I’ve limited today’s list to some of the people who were at the OnNashville meetup last night.

@davedelaney – Dave is a social media strategist and the man behind Griffin Technology’s social media strategy. He’s also responsible for brining PodCamp and BarCamp to Nashville along with @MarcusWhitney who you should also follow.

@kateo – Kate runs an optimization and analytics agency here in Nashville called [meta]marketer. Super cool. Super geeky.

@ericshuff – Eric is the social media guru at The Tennessean newspaper and runs their blog OnNashville. He’s also responsible for coordinating the killer meetup last night.

@knightstivender – Not only does she have a cool name (Knight), it turns out she’s from the same ‘hood in Nashville that @lelenash and I live in. Granted, she’s on the East side and we’re on the West side, but rival geek gangs can come together for the greater good.

@nathantbaker – Nate is a creative. And a storyteller. And a techy over at Sitemason. If there’s a meetup or event in Nashville, you’ll probably see him. He gets around.

@tnmetro – Michael is a writer at The Tennessean who covers the Metro government for the paper. He’s a great source of info for issues affecting our great city.

@lelenash – Last, but certainly not least, my beautiful wife, Lisa. She’s not a geek. Doesn’t like meetups. But she was gracious enough to let me drag her to it before our dinner plans. She’s super cool and you should follow her. Love you, baby!

That’s the list for today. If you were there and I didn’t include you (which there are a lot of you who were), just let me know and I’ll gladly update this list. Create your own post. Link to it. Cheers!