How to Set The Right Goals (And Actually Achieve Them) - Travis Robertson

How to Set The Right Goals (And Actually Achieve Them)

Learn what it takes to achieve your goals for 2017 and how to accomplish them! In this video, I walk you through all the necessary steps for goal setting and planning so you can operate more effectively, change your business, and change your life.

How to Set The Right Goals (And Actually Achieve Them)

It’s 2017 everyone, and this is the time to be thinking,  “What am I gonna do differently this year? Where am I headed? Where am I going?” But I also want to warn you that it is ultimately your actions, not your intentions that are going to determine the outcome that you have for 2017, and this is true regardless of who you are. This principle is a principle regardless of your wealth, regardless of your status, and regardless of your skill set. No matter what, whatever you want in life is not determined by how badly you want it, it’s determined by the actions that you take. And a lot of times, people have goals or intentions for themselves that don’t make them any happier and that don’t get them any closer to where they wanna be.

What It Really Means to Achieve Your Goal

There are people who, along the way, are going to hit their goals; who’re going to achieve certain things, but not be any closer to what it is that they want out of life. If that’s where you’re headed, I want to help you reframe your goals and your ideas for 2017.  Most people who start out think through what they wanna achieve in a given year. You can achieve your goals and still be miserable.

Think about all the wealthy people you know; the people who’ve made a boatload of money. They’re absolutely miserable. Now, that doesn’t mean that all wealthy people are miserable by any stretch of the imagination , but it does mean that just achieving a goal doesn’t necessarily get you what you want.

You can decide that you want to have abundant energy, to be vibrant, and to live a long life.  You can set a goal to have 6 pack abs and achieve 6 pack abs just by not eating a lot and by burning a lot of fat, but that’s not necessarily going to make you have more energy, more joy, more vibrancy, more passion, and a longer life. It’s not necessarily going to give you that. It’s a great goal, but it’s not going to necessarily get you closer to what you want. Unless your goal is to be an underwear model, then hey, by all means, go get your 6 pack abs.

It’s the same in business. You can set sales goals and you can set growth goals, only to find out that your ladder was leaning against the wrong building. So you have all these goals, and you climb to the top of that ladder, only to find out that at some point, you set it against the wrong target; the wrong outcome.

So how do we know? How do we know if the goals that we have for ourselves, are ultimately where it is that we wanna go? Are they leading us on the right path to the right outcome? Well, that’s what we have to figure out first; is goals are not actually where you start. Outcome is where you start.

The Outcome

The first thing you’ve got to figure out is the outcome that you want for your business, for your life, for your health, for your relationships, and for any area of life. Your goals move you towards the outcome, but your outcome’s where you start. What is it that you ultimately want from your business? What is it that you ultimately want from your life? If you’re wanting to create a business you can sell, that’s going to determine some of the goals that you put in place along the way. But if you want a business that you ultimately pass on to your kids, if you want a business that you just retire from and you don’t even want to pass on, that’s going to change some of the goals along the way. If your goal is long life and a healthy life, that’s going to change some of the goals that you set for your body and for what it is that you’re going to be doing to build towards a long life. Not necessarily 6 pack abs. You’ve got to know, what is it that you want from each individual area.

The Why

Don’t just go straight to goals, you need to figure out why you want it. The strength of your “why” will determine your outcome. It’s not how badly you want the outcome, it’s why you want it. There are a lot of people who want millions of dollars, but they don’t have a strong enough purpose or why. They say, “Well it sounds sexy, it sounds like a great number. Who doesn’t wanna make a million dollars?” And you go, “well people who make 10 million probably don’t wanna make a million dollars…” Just wanting something is not what’s going to get you there, you have to know why you want it.

Why do you ultimately want this thing in your life? What’s it gonna mean to you? What is it gonna mean to your family, to your income, to your health, to your wealth, and to the goals that you have for the things that you want? You must figure that out.

Who Do You Need to Be

You’ve got to figure out who you need to be to actually achieve it. Do you need to know certain thing? Do you need to have certain skill sets, certain talents, or certain things at your disposal? Do you need to be more confident? Do you need to show up with more confidence to your sales calls? Do you need to show up as a better leader? Do you need to learn how to be more inspirational or more motivational? Who do you need to be to actually achieve that outcome?

That’s what you’ve got to figure out. Once you know these 3 things, now you can set the right goals for your business. Remember: it doesn’t just stop at goals, because like I said before, it’s your actions, not your intentions. Your outcome, even to a degree, is your intentions. It’s not your goals or your outcome that will determine where you get in life. It’s your actions.

Once you know your goals and you see that your goals are going to move you towards this outcome, now what you can do is create your plan. Your goals set your plan and your plan sets your actions. This is the process you’ve gotta go through.


As you’re thinking through, “what do I want in 2017?” realize that 2017 is just a step on the road to somewhere. The question is this: do you know the right actions that are going to get you to the right goals and that are going to get you to the right outcome? Do you know why you want it and who you need to become in the process?

If you know those things and you walk through this process, I promise you that in 2017, you’re not just going to hit your goals. You’re going to be confident when you hit your goals and when you achieve greater things in your life like your business, your health, your marriage, and your relationships. This process is going to move you to something that is ultimately greater than anything you can achieve in 2017. So remember this, it is your actions, not your intentions that will determine your outcomes in 2017 and beyond.

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