How to Hire Millennials and Gen Xers - Travis Robertson

How to Hire Millennials and Gen Xers

If you want to recruit anyone to your team or office, you need to know what matters to them. Millennials are in their growth and career building years and can be a HUGE asset to any office. Gen Xers are in the big income-earning years of their life RIGHT NOW and can leverage their knowledge and experience for your team's success. But in order to attract the right people, you need to first understand their priorities as well as how you can help them reach their personal goals. It's all about tailoring the conversation to what they care about.

Hiring can be one of the most difficult and expensive experiences in any business, but it doesn't have to be. If you want help building your team and growing your business, my team and I would love to help you accomplish that so you can have a business that funds your life - not one that runs your life. Claim your free growth strategy session today @

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