How to Create Success and Free Time - Travis Robertson

How to Create Success and Free Time

Hear from a dynamic team leader and our client, Sandy McAlpine, who has completely restructured her business over the last year and has gone from working 80+ hours per week to between 24-35 hours. And...she's set to EXPLODE in 2019!

In this interview, we'll take a look at...

-How Sandy has gone from 80+ hours per week to less than 40 hours per week - all while making MORE money than before.

-How she's evolved as a leader and the huge impact it's had on her team.

-The change in her hiring process that has given her such incredible people (after burning through bad hire after bad hire).

-Key takeaways that she wishes she knew earlier in her business.

-How she's able to onboard new people to the team within 2 weeks.

-And so, so much more...(seriously, we're both high-energy so this is likely to be PACKED with value)

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