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How To Build a Team That Does 100% Of Your Production

This interview will have the power to alter the course of your business and life. Jason Miller is an incredible team leader and coaching member who has done what many team leaders talk about but very few ever achieve...

He has built a team that is earning him a NET income WELL INTO the 6-figures while also never having to work with buyers and sellers.

Does any of this sound like you...?

√ Are you a team leader who is tired of doing the majority of your team's production?
√ Do you want to build a team but are worried you can't find great people?
√ Would you like to build a REAL business that gives you freedom and income?
√ Would you like to NEVER have to work with a buyer or seller again (unless you WANT to)?
√ Are you struggling to grow your team because you're afraid you'll make LESS money?

In fact, Jason doesn't need to work more than about 30-35 hours per week on his business!

And we're going to share with you how he's done it!

Here's just a fraction of what we'll cover:

- How he's grown his team from just a few to 10+ members.
- The changes he's needed to make along the way that most leaders never make.
- The decision that cost him over $150,000 and how you can avoid it.
- The critical evolutions your team must go through if you hope to succeed.
- Why most team leaders just have JOBS and not a true living.
- The 3 things you MUST have in place if you're going to work yourself out of a job.
- And truly...soooo...soooo...soooooooo much more.

I have known Jason for over 6 years and interviewed him dozens of times. So when we discussed this interview and what we would cover, we both agreed that we were going to discuss all new topics that we would go deeper than we've ever gone before in an interview.

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