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Overcoming the Fear of the Phone

Too many agents act like they are afraid of picking up the phone and calling their leads. However, they aren’t really afraid of picking up the phone. They are afraid of the rejection that may come from making the calls. But the truth is, agents who pick up the phone make more money. It’s as […]

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Overcoming The Sales Wall

Do you ever encounter a sales wall? When people encounter a sales person, or are about to be sold, they have a wall that quickly goes up. Figure out what you need to be doing when a lead comes in to make sure you get around their own personal sales walls! Overcoming The Sales Wall […]

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In business and in life, success is going to come on the back side of discomfort. It comes after we’ve pushed and challenged ourselves. But somewhere along the line, a lot of people started believing that success should come easy. That it’s all champagne, private jets and Bentleys.┬áIt’s not. Success is hard. But it’s the […]

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How to Negotiate Your Commission

Commission negotiation is something that scares a lot of agents. But did you know that you can set yourself up to get the commissions that you want and more importantly that you deserve? We know how hard you work, now it’s up to you to show your clients that so that they don’t fight you, […]

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