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Are These 2 Words Sabotaging Your Success?

As some of you know, Lisa and I recently took custody of my soon-to-be-12-year-old cousin and are raising him as our son. We couldn’t be more excited. He’s a great kid and he’s fitting in really well with us.

At the same time, we didn’t raise him for those first 11 years and he has patterns in how he thinks and how he speaks that are the antithesis of what we as a family believe and operate under. I don’t blame him for the things he was exposed to and the habits he developed prior to coming to live with our family. However, we do expect him to take full responsibility for his thoughts, choices, and actions moving forward.

He can’t change what happened to him, but he can choose how he responds to it and he can choose how he lives from here forward.

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The Myth of Readiness

It’s that time of year: New Years. On one hand, it’s filled with excitement as we set out our goals for the year (please tell me you’re setting goals and NOT resolutions). If you’re like most people, you’ll start strong. You’ll be filled with renewed energy and resolve to finally take the steps toward accomplishing that elusive goal.

  • You’re going to start that business.
  • You’re going to go for that promotion.
  • You’re going to start dating again.
  • You’re going to hire that new employee.
  • And so on…

But then something happens. “Reality” sets in and you begin to wonder if you’re really ready to take that next step.

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