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7 Magical Business Tips From the Fat Man (Santa) Himself

I normally don’t accept guest posts on my blog. However, I recently ran into Nicholas “Santa” Claus, the CHO (Chief Holiday Officer) of Santa Industries, Worldwide. It turns out he’s an avid reader of my blog and we thought it would be fun for him to write a guest post sharing with you how he manages such a large organization and what advice he has for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow. The title was his idea.

Ho ho ho! Most people don’t know it, but I started Santa Industries, Worldwide roughly 1,600 years ago. I’ve survived the dark ages, depressions, recessions, wars, and encroaching competition from retailers. Over the years, I’ve learned an enormous amount about running a successful business and I want to pass on a few tips to you.

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Are You A Control Freak? The Surprising Truth

Hello. My name is Travis Robertson and I’m a control freak. But I’m not alone.

You’re a control freak too.

Control is a funny thing. We usually associate control with certain personality types. We say that someone has a “dominant personality type” or that they are a “control-freak.” We may even describe ourselves this way.

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11 Ways To Murder Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is paralyzing. It will cripple you and prevent you from taking action or moving forward.

To render someone ineffective, you don’t have to get them to change the core of their beliefs – you just have to get them to doubt the validity of their beliefs. Let me give you an example.

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