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In Sales, Focus on Feelings Not Facts

Almost every purchase we make (personally and in business) is an emotional decision. I know that you don’t make emotional purchasing decisions – only rational ones based on fact. That’s why you’ve never experience buyer’s remorse, right? Understanding that your customers’ decision to purchase your product or service is an emotional one can enable you to grow your business substantially.

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How To Remove Yourself From a Friend or Family Member’s Email Blasts

Unfortunately, emails from family and friends don’t include an anonymous “Remove Me From This List” link. And sending a poorly worded email could ruin a friendship or Thanksgiving dinner. So I’ve crafted an email template that I’m using to effectively remove myself from these types of emails. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in your circle of relationships.

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Are You Making the Simple Complex?

Almost every day, I speak with people who work with ideas. They are responsible for communicating those ideas to clients, customers or coworkers. Maybe it’s the plan for a new department. Maybe it’s how a software product can fix a decade-old problem in a local government. No matter what it is, they are responsible for clearly communicating something so that people can act appropriately on that information.

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5 Ingredients for Successful Accountability

As someone who’s self-employed, you’ll inevitably face bouts of crappy productivity and you’ll feel like banging your head against a wall. In my own life, those times generally occur when I let others set my priorities for me. So I took some advice and contacted a friend of mine (Justin Davis) who lives in the area and asked if he wanted to meet every Monday for coffee to set goals, challenge each other and provide a level of business accountability. Here’s how we make it succeed.

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